Fri, 18/08/2017

Brennan was kind enough to take show me a couple of his favourite spots in Edinburgh whilst we talked about his show, and his previous experiences of the Fringe. 

Outside of our interview, I took a trip up Scott's Monument at his insistence, and during the interview Brennan explains why, along with the other two places we went, the monument is a 'must do'! 

Fri, 18/08/2017

I had the opportunity to sit down with Stuart after his show, Like I Mean It, and have a chat about his body of work and memories of his 24 years at the Edinburgh Fringe. It was really interesting to hear how varied those years have been, and he even told us about his favourite place to go when he wants to take a breather from the craziness of the festival.

Fri, 31/03/2017
Photograph: Mark Douet

Lindsey Ferrentino has had a busy few years, and the future appears to be even more jam packed for this 28 year old Florida native. Her breakout play, “Ugly Lies The Bone”, currently running in the Lyttelton, at the National Theatre, has had a lengthy journey prior to crossing the Atlantic for its British premiere. 

“It wasn't the first play that I'd written, but it was the first that had gotten attention. Over the past three years it has gone through our countries play development process which is much more extensive than…

Mon, 20/02/2017
From l to r: Rebecca Gwyther, Naomi Westerman, Eleanor Crosswell

Sitting down to talk about “Claustrophilia”, described by its producer as “A one woman dark comedy about a kidnap victim”, it's easy to see why the all female team of playwright Naomi Westerman, director/ producer Rebecca Gwyther and actor Eleanor Crosswell are so excited about bringing their now full length version of Westerman’s play to the Vaults, beneath Waterloo Station. Gwyther and Crosswell reflect, “We decided that we wanted to take it further but we weren't quite sure how, then…

Thu, 19/01/2017
Photograph: Mat Ricardo

It’s mid-morning and having inhaled a bowl of Shreddies, Stuart Goldsmith is ready to talk about his route into comedy, his shows and his role as host of ‘The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast’; an insightful glimpse into the careers and processes of some of the world’s industry greats.  Presenting his first solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010, Stu was not thrust into the public eye through numerous TV appearances, and on reflection he thinks perhaps there ought to have been someone there dragging the right people to see his show…

Mon, 31/10/2016
Photograph: Luisa Guerreiro

In March 2017 Old Lamp Entertainment will premiere H.G. Wells’ ‘The Crystal Egg’ as an exciting cinematic and sensory production. In a current scene filled with immersive theatre and interactive experiences, co-producers Mike Archer and Luisa Guerreiro are aiming to push the boundaries of live performance through a fusion of multimedia forms. Guerreiro explains the desire to ensure the audience are “absorbed into the world. You'll be sitting as you would in a cinema, and completely immersed sensorially in the world of the…

Tue, 16/08/2016

I managed to catch up with comedian Joel Dommett on a little stone staircase outside the Pleasance Courtyard. He needed to remain close by as he had just finished a press launch and needed to go back in to collect his confetti cannon at some point! During our short time together, we talked about his creative process and Edinburgh shows to date, whilst also reflecting upon what succeeding as a comedian these days involves. During the interview, several of his peers passed by and Joel was quick to give them supportive praise for their work that morning. I…

Sat, 09/07/2016

A man walks into a bar… arrives on stage pint in hand, and proceeds to berate the compere for failing to set up the stage correctly. Having stormed off the stage demanding a reset, he returns, shouting down an inebriated and somewhat rowdy female in the front row. What followed was twenty minutes of nerve shredding aggression and adrenaline, except one thing was strange; the man was falling apart before our eyes. One minute unashamedly arrogant, the next a broken victim protecting himself from crippling insecurity by making his problems our’s. He is dishevelled, unkempt and wild…