What Goes On In Front Of Closed Doors. Pleasance Courtyard ****


On entering a space that is already small and dark, to find it is full of TV screens reflecting the audience back at themselves, makes the room smaller still, and claustrophobic with it. What Goes On In Front of Closed Doors is a one woman show examining the life of Molly who, due to a number of events, ends up homeless living on the street.

The February Interview: The Creative Team of 'Claustrophilia'

Creative Team From l to r: Rebecca Gwyther, Naomi Westerman, Eleanor Crosswell

Sitting down to talk about “Claustrophilia”, described by its producer as “A one woman dark comedy about a kidnap victim”, it's easy to see why the all female team of playwright Naomi Westerman, director/ producer Rebecca Gwyther and actor Eleanor Crosswell are so excited about bringing their now fu