Edinburgh Festival

Everlong, Brennan Reece. Pleasance Courtyard. *****


These days it’s so easy to take a look at a flyer, or see a ten minute set on TV and pigeonhole a comedian into a certain category. I say this because with Brennan Reece, a young comedian from Manchester whose debut hour last year ‘Everglow’, caused a stir and landed him a nomination for Best Newcomer at last year’s fringe; is most definitely not what you expect.

Compared To What, Stuart Goldsmith ****

Stuart Goldsmith

ThIs year Stuart Goldsmith seems to arrive on stage fresh from a rom-com movie. He has left London to move in with his partner in the country, proposed marriage and now has a family to take care of, and so forms the structure of one of the most warm hearted, sincere hours of material you're likely to see at a festival full of artists preoccupied with pushing boundaries.

Indeed, Tom Allen ****

Tom Allen

There is something inherently likeable about Tom Allen and it doesn't surprise me to find him greeting his audience pre-show, immaculately dressed bringing a sense of formality to proceedings which singles him out from the majority of his peers.

Reset, James Acaster *****

James Acaster

Set within the framework of having to enter witness protection following a scam involving buying and selling honey to a supermarket going wrong, James Acaster’s “Reset” examines what our lives might be like if we could start afresh. With 4 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominations for Best Show under his belt, could this year finally see the big win?