Compared To What, Stuart Goldsmith ****

Stuart Goldsmith

ThIs year Stuart Goldsmith seems to arrive on stage fresh from a rom-com movie. He has left London to move in with his partner in the country, proposed marriage and now has a family to take care of, and so forms the structure of one of the most warm hearted, sincere hours of material you're likely to see at a festival full of artists preoccupied with pushing boundaries.

Indeed, Tom Allen ****

Tom Allen

There is something inherently likeable about Tom Allen and it doesn't surprise me to find him greeting his audience pre-show, immaculately dressed bringing a sense of formality to proceedings which singles him out from the majority of his peers.

Feathers, Adam Hess *****

Feathers poster

When Adam Hess comes sprinting up the centre aisle, jumping onto his stage like Peter Pan through Wendy’s window, you know that what lies ahead will be pacy and energetic. However if you've never seen him before, you won't quite believe the extent of this chap’s persona.

Reset, James Acaster *****

James Acaster

Set within the framework of having to enter witness protection following a scam involving buying and selling honey to a supermarket going wrong, James Acaster’s “Reset” examines what our lives might be like if we could start afresh. With 4 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominations for Best Show under his belt, could this year finally see the big win?