Chats at the Fringe - Brennan Reece

Brennan was kind enough to take show me a couple of his favourite spots in Edinburgh whilst we talked about his show, and his previous experiences of the Fringe. 

Outside of our interview, I took a trip up Scott's Monument at his insistence, and during the interview Brennan explains why, along with the other two places we went, the monument is a 'must do'! 

Everlong, Brennan Reece. Pleasance Courtyard. *****


These days it’s so easy to take a look at a flyer, or see a ten minute set on TV and pigeonhole a comedian into a certain category. I say this because with Brennan Reece, a young comedian from Manchester whose debut hour last year ‘Everglow’, caused a stir and landed him a nomination for Best Newcomer at last year’s fringe; is most definitely not what you expect.